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Please Note: Due to renovations, we are not accepting events in the Great Hall. However, we do have the newly-restored Burlington Room available for all private events.

For info on promotional events, new product launches or filming, please contact:

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500 W. Jackson Blvd.
Suite 107
Chicago, IL 60661

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Rental Information

Please Note: Due to renovations, we are not accepting events in the Great Hall. However, we do have the newly-restored Burlington Room available for all private events.

Special VIP areas
The Adams Street balcony which overlooks the Great Hall from one floor above and has a private outdoor area where is it permissible to smoke. The Jackson Street second floor balcony gives guests a dramatic view of the Great Hall form from two floors above.


Guests may enter on the Jackson Street entrance or descend the grand staircase on Canal Street which was made famous in the film the "The Untouchables."

Special Features

The Great Hall is a truly unique Chicago venue. With a 115 foot ceiling, dramatically sublet architecture, and unobstructed space the possibilities for creative versatility in event design are virtually unlimited.


A courtesy hold may be placed on a date and the client will have a right of first refusal should another client desire the space. A signed contract and a nonrefundable $2,000 deposit secures the space.

Special Event Representative

The Event Coordinator will assist you in every step of the planning process to assure that the process runs smoothly and efficiently. A representative will be available on the day of the event to manage setup and to assist you throughout the event.


Chicago Union Station has an outstanding preferred catering list. These professionals will astound you with their creative culinary abilities and can create custom menus depending upon your particular needs. It is highly recommended that you use one of these caterers for your event. It is permissible to bring in outside caterers provided that they have the approval of Chicago Union Station, are fully insured, and sign an independent contract 60 days in advance of the event.

Lighting & Audio/Visual

Lighting and audio/visual are essential elements to consider when planning an event at Chicago Union Station. Our preferred vendors are extremely knowledgeable about the space and can provide creative suggestions and quotes. It is permissible to bring in outside lighting and audio/visual vendors provided that they have the approval of Chicago Union Station, are fully insured, and sign an independent contract 60 days in advance of the event.

Planning & Setup

Two weeks prior to an event a final walk-through is required. In attendance should be the client, caterer, lighting and audio/visual provider, Event Coordinator, decor firms and any other key vendors to solidify all the event details and assure that everyone has the proper coordination. At this meeting a detailed floor plan must be submitted for approval. A schedule of all setup activities must be submitted no later than three days before the day of the event. Set up may begin at 9 a.m. the day of the event.

Security & Privacy

Great Hall events may begin any time during the day, and the Union Gallery may also be utilized at any time during the day. A rope and station border is set up 5:30 a.m. in the Great Hall to allow setup and commuter traffic to occur simultaneously. One hour prior to the event time the Great Hall is closed off to the public and the space becomes completely private. Chicago Union Station places a guard at each one of the entrances to assure privacy throughout the event.


Special arrangements may be made with the Event Coordinator to accommodate early deliveries or late pickups.


All deliveries must be submitted in writing three days prior to the event and drivers must check in with the Shipping Administrator upon arrival. The shipping entrance is located on Clinton at the corner of Clinton and Jackson. Delivery trucks are permitted to park alongside this entrance during setup and breakdown. All deliveries need to occur between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. Deliveries may occur the night before with permission from the Event Coordinator.

Event Labor

To assure the success of your event Chicago Union Station brings in the following dedicated individuals for each event: two members of the janitorial team (who also serve as restroom attendants), six security guards, 1 security supervisor, and a special event supervisor. Events with over 1000 people will require additional labor dependent upon the number of guests.


The Amtrak Self Park is located directly across the street from the event entrance on Jackson between Clinton and Canal. The client may independently arrange for valet parking or request discounted parking vouchers from the Event Coordinator.


Smoking is not permitted in the Great Hall or in the Union Gallery

Green, Volunteer & Production Rooms

There are many opportunities to accommodate special requests for additional "behind the scene" space. The Event Coordinator can assist you these special arrangements.


Pricing is based upon a combination of the licensing fee and the cost of labor. Click here for the pricing structure or contact the Events Team to request a personalized quote for your event.


Private restrooms are located in the Union Gallery and in the main train terminals. Other private restrooms facilities can be made available upon request.

Preferred Vendors

Click here for a list of Chicago Union Station preferred vendors. Outside vendors for catering, lighting and audio/visual are not permitted without the prior authorization of Chicago Union Station.

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